About Steve

Steve Burke Home Inspection
started as a result of two things;
1). His realization that it was time for a career change.
2). A change in philosophy with his employer at the time.
Steve says, "I had always been involved and skilled at home improvements, and then combining that with my love of meeting new people, I felt that the home improvement business would be perfect for my new career change."

Steve Burke worked in the in the pharmaceutical industry for 23 years, working in the production and technology side of the business.
Steve notes, "I ran a department and helped develop new coating technology. All this has helped prepare me for the trials and tribulations of running my own business."
After successfully completing the Carson Dunlop Home Inspection certification course and spending over 100 hours in the field with a certified master inspector who has been acting as his mentor through an extended training period. Steve has been working in the Kingston area for over 8 years now and done well over a 2000 inspections. He has now become one the Veteran Certified Master Inspectors much like his now retired mentor.


1). Complete Visual Inspection
4). Home Reference Manual
2). Comprehensive Verbal Explanation
5). Follow Up Questions
3). CONCISE Written Report
6). Money Back Guarantee